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Traveling requires advanced planning and these easy to follow travel tips can make any trip more enjoyable. Being prepared can help travelers avoid many frustrating situations. Have a smart plan when flying, plan your packing, and have a home security plan.With today's busy airports and increased security, it is crucial to come to any airport well prepared. Start and finish your vacation on a good note. Take time before any flight to ensure that you have a great trip by following these simple tips.

Arrive Early for your Flight - Most airports have long check-in and security lines. Plan ahead.Bring Proper ID ? Drivers License, ID card, or Passports may be required upon check-in.Security Pouch ? Place ticket information, travel papers and ID in one easy to reach travel pouch.

Seat Assignment ? Be sure to call ahead for advanced seating.Allow for Connecting Flights ? Schedule at least 1 to 2 hours between connections.Prepare to Wait ? Bring snacks, drinks and something to occupy your time if you are delayed.

Carry-on Bag ? Always have prescriptions with you. Be aware that toiletries and other liquids can break and leak in the non-pressurized luggage compartments. A spare set of clothes can also be helpful when making connecting flights. Lost luggage can take 24 to 48 hours to catch up to you.Airplane Air Quality ? Cabin pressurized air is sometimes thinner than "sea-level" and always very dry which can leave passengers dehydrated. Have plenty of water on hand.

Some passengers feel "tired" during and after flights due to thin, dry air.Safety ? Familiarize yourself with your seat location on the airplane relative to the exits. Read all safety information provided by the airline. Count and memorize the number of seat backs to the nearest exit in the event that cabin visibility is reduced.

Be sure to pack smart. Ever taken twice as much as you needed on a trip? Packing for any vacation no matter how short requires good planning and organization. If you leave packing until the last minute chances are you will be frustrated later. Help anticipate problems before they occur by following these tips.

Have a Security Pouch. Place ticket information, travel papers, confirmations and ID in one easy to reach travel pouch.Organize a Smart Carry-on Bag.

Always have prescriptions with you. Be aware that toiletries and other liquids can break and leak in the non-pressurized luggage compartments. A spare set of clothes can also be helpful when making connecting flights. Lost luggage can take 24 to 48 hours to catch up to you.

Store Toiletries and Cosmetics in appropriate places. If they are not in your carry-on take care to place them in water tight bags away from clothes in case they break or leak.Have a plan for Laundry. Pack large kitchen bags or an empty duffle to hold laundry. This is helpful if you are changing locations during your vacation. You won't need to mix clean items with dirty clothes.

Pack a Beach Bag. Avoid having to look for all beach related items you packed by placing them in one bag. Place sunscreens, hats, towels, rash guards and bathing suits in a bag that can double as your beach bag.

This is especially important when traveling with children. They will want to dive right into the pool or water when you arrive. Just grab one bag and go!.

Keep clothes Dry and Fresh. When traveling to a humid climate it helps to pack clothing in large zip-lock bags opening only those you need. For fresh smelling clothes pack dryer sheets between clothes. Storing shoes in air tight bags will eliminate shoe odor in your luggage.Avoid Wrinkles in your Clothes. Rolling items together with the most wrinkle-prone item on the outside of the roll can help reduce wrinkles.

Another packing method involves laying wrinkle-prone items flat in your suitcase with the rest of the item lapping over the edge of the suit case. Place wrinkle resistant clothes on top of the clothes that are still lying flat and then carefully fold the wrinkle prone item over the clothes on top. If done correctly the result it a gentle curve that avoids a crease.Plan Ahead for Souvenir Shopping. Pack an empty duffle in your luggage that can be checked-in as luggage on your return flight.

This is a good way to have space for all your vacation souvenirs. It can also be used to hold dirty laundry.Prepare your Home! Preparing your affairs at home before you depart is important for the security of your property.

When leaving for more than a few days, be sure everything at home is secure. By following a few steps, your home will be ready for your vacation too.Suspend all Routine Deliveries. Either stop your mail and paper delivery, or arrange for a friend to pick it up.

Create a House Watch Plan. Even if the paper and mail deliveries are stopped, have a friend come by the house each day to check for unexpected deliveries. They should also walk around your property to make sure everything looks normal.Leave someone in Charge. Always let someone know your plans and your vacation schedule in case of any unexpected emergencies.

Pay Bills before Leaving. When traveling for more than two weeks, check with all utility companies, credit card providers and mortgage lenders to insure an uninterrupted flow of service with out incurring service charges. In some cases you may need to pay bills in advance of your departure date.Many frustrating situations will arise when traveling.

If you have planned ahead well, many of these pitfalls can be avoided, and those that are unavoidable are more tolerable. Plan ahead and enjoy your vacation!.


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By: Mary Ellen Pfeifer


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