Californians are Hated Until You Get East Past Colorado Wyoming and New Mexico

Many Californians who travel do not understand why people in other parts of the country do not like Californians. You see, in many parts the country people are extremely friendly and nice and Californians come in and they are very demanding and they have money.You might be surprised to find that a place like Missoula, Montana that Californians have come in and bought up property and driven the prices up in real estate. In some cases they have driven up the prices so much that kids who have grown up in the area will never be able to buy a home in their own city. You see, wages are quite low in many parts of the country and these California purchases can hyper-inflate real estate values make it impossible for them to afford a loan to buy a home of their own.

Californians need to be careful how they act in other states because they give a bad impression of all of Californians. Luckily once you get past Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico Californians are rather well liked, because they bring with them money when they travel and Californians once they get far enough from home seem to change their attitude and blend in more with the people.You see many people that live far away from California have never met very many Californians in their life and do not come with the prejudices against Californians. If you are California and you are traveling in the United States you may wish to consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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