Handling Paperwork While on a Nude Vacation

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of nude recreation. Recent surveys have shown that this is one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel/leisure industry. The people who are engaged in this lifestyle come from all segments of society. Rich and poor stand side-by-side without pretense. Without the trappings of clothing, one is hard-pressed to distinguish the lawyer from the laborer, the teacher from the toll-taker, or the ditch-digger from the dentist.

Many nudists, however, are reluctant to disclose their travel plans to family and friends out of fear that their choice of lifestyle will be misunderstood or ridiculed. Spending a week at a nudist or clothing-optional resort will situate the nudist among others who are like-minded. This leads to a sense of comfort that cannot be found in an otherwise textile world.

Once in a while, though, even while on a nude vacation, circumstances intrude which usually force a re-entry into the land of the clothed. Generally, the only situations which will force the nudist into wearing clothing will be those which require the nudist to interact with people outside the home or resort. Most of us have mastered the art and science of banking by Internet. Our bills are paid with the click of a mouse ? we don't travel to the electric company to pay them in person.

We pay for our resort stay with credit cards. We do not need cash. There are, however, some things that cannot be done without help from the outside.It seems that many documents these days have to be notarized. In order to produce a notarized document, the nudist must find a notary public who will do the work.

Most notaries work out of banks and other offices ? hardly the venue for a nudist to appear nude with a document in hand. Yet, even when on vacation, many of us need the services of a notary.Lately, though, more and more nudists are becoming aware of mobile notary services. Those services send a notary to the client's location, rather than the client's driving to the notary's office.

This still can present a problem for the nudist unless he or she can find a notary who is willing to service the nudist and clothing-optional communities that exist throughout the United States. NudeNotaries are fully qualified notaries public who are also members of national and international nudist and naturist organizations. These notaries will travel to the homes or vacation location of nudists and naturists to handle all the paperwork. The client does not have to conceal his or her fondness for nude recreation.All nudists and naturists who require the services of a notary public should explore the option of using a NudeNotary.

Copyright 2006 by Marc Seligman.

.Dr. Marc Seligman, a Florida notary public and a long-time card-carrying member of many nudist and naturist organizations, wants nudists to enjoy their lifestyles with as few interruptions as possible.

The website http://www.NudeNotary.com helps nudists locate NudeNotaries in their own communities.

By: Marc Seligman


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