Tanzania A Quick Guide

Tanzania: as you arrive in this wonderful country and step out onto the vast plains you rapidly feel very small. Tanzania has one of the largest animal populations in the world; you quickly come to realise you are privileged to become a part of these vast open grasslands. Wildebeest, buffalo, leopard, rhino, monkey, antelope, lion, cheetah, crocodile, gazelle, flamingo - to name but a few animal you may see on safari - they're all out there.

Tanzania undoubtedly offers some of the best wildlife spotting opportunities on the continent. Its well maintained parks and many towns still holding the magic of a bygone era add to the magic of the Tanzanian safari - that is of course - if you are able to do without your luxuries for a while.With twelve National Parks, seven game reserves, many forest reserves and the famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, together with the most friendly people in the world, Tanzania is fast becoming the destination of choice.A Cultural addition to any trip to Tanzania will compliment your safari and complete your experience of Africa.

All Tanzania Culture Safaris should be organized with gentleness and respect for the cultures, villagers and homes you visit. The hope is to experience the diverse cultures first hand and to experience what makes Tanzania so special.A guideline for a cultural safari or cultural addition to your safari is to choose your operator carefully. All genuine cultural safaris are organized on a one off basis. Each safari is organized direct with the communities to be visited.

Each cultural exchange should also take into account what you may or may not want to see/experience. Some Examples are visits to hospitals, schools, village and home visits. Choose an operator who works directly with the communities with Structured Initiative Programs.

When on safari remember that responsible tourism is an attitude of mind to which we should all aspire. When on a walking safari or camping safari it is a must to keep to the tracks laid out in the parks; in Tanzania it is important to keep to the designated trails. If a driver is caught making a new trail with his vehicle he looses his license and is banned from all National Parks.

To keep to the trials helps protect fauna and prevents soil erosion. Tanzania takes its responsibility towards the environment very seriously. The African in these parks is the heritage of the Tanzanian people.


For more information on Tanzania contact the Tanzania information Hub at http://www.tanzania-info.co.uk remember that tourism can change lives - make sure your trip to Africa makes a difference.

By: Ian Williamson


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