The Carpool Remedy

Most people living in large populated urban cities across the world will agree that our roads resemble a war ground. With growing traffic and limited road space traffic congestion in major cities of the world is a matter of great concern. While governments are doing what is in their power by improving public transport infrastructure i.

e incorporating mass transit transport and fine tuning the existing network, commuters also need to take an initiative. Indimoto.com an Indian website has taken the initiative for spreading awareness about carpools and its benefits.

Indimoto.com is India's first carpool matching site and is a major success among commuters there. Indimoto.

com is also a free to use service.

According to the founder & CEO of Indimoto.com Mr. Udit Bhandari, carpools help in many ways including:

1. Save Money: Carpoolers can share the fuel, parking and vehicle maintenance expenses.

2. Save the Environment: By sharing a vehicle emissions of harmful gases are controlled and less fuel is burnt.

3. Reduce Traffic Congestion: Its simple when users share their vehicles and travel together there will be a decline in the number of vehicle on the road leading to faster movement.

4. Promote Community Living: Carpools help people in meeting new people and encourages the spirit of community and sharing ones resources for the benefit of all.

Indimoto.com want to make carpools a habit among commuters in India and also wants to replicate this in other developing countries which till now are not aware or don't have a system in place for efficient carpooling. The site enables users to search for or post carpool ads for free and the search can be done based on city and other parameters for getting exact matches. Carpools are a win win situation for all and sites like Indimoto.com are helping users in India get the perfect match.

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Anil Tandon is a reputed automotive journalist based in India. Anil has written columns for numerous Indian dailies and auto magazines. He is currently working as a consultant to the Indian automotive industry.

Anil is also involved with India's Leading Auto Classifieds Site Indimoto.com www.indimoto.com which is also India's First Carpool Site.


By: Anil Tandon


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