Tips for Long Distance Round the World Flights

Trips around the world often start with a long-distance flight. So, to help you out, we've compiled a few tips. They might help you stay fresh, avoid jetlag, and ensure friends and family at home stay in touch.

Packing: Most likely, you don't have to transport your whole wardrobe around the world with you. Consider the things you might be doing on your travels, and cross-check this list to see whether some clothes can cover multiple activities. Remember, checked-in luggage can sometimes get lost. So pack all the things you really need when you arrive in your carry-on bag.

Fighting jetlag: It's the bane of any long-distance traveller. But there's a simple way of fighting it: drink lots of water on the plane. Also, if you arrive in your destination before 1pm local time, try not to sleep any longer than three hours. After 1pm you should try and keep awake until at least 7pm, if you can.Freshening up: It's often worth taking a clean change of clothing and some toiletries onboard.

It's great to stay fresh ? and particularly useful if, by some chance, your baggage doesn't arrive at your destination at the same time as you.Getting some sleep: You might want to take an eye mask and a blow up pillow. If you think you'll need earplugs, the wax ones cut out more of the sounds around you ? they're often sold for swimming, so bear this in mind when you go shopping.On the move: Lots has been said about long-distance travel and the risks of DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

There are a few ways you can avoid problems and stay more comfortable. Don't putting things under the seat in front of you, so you can stretch out. Take regular walks, even if it's just to the toilet. Toe raises, calf stretches, side bends and back extensions are great ways to keep your body fresh.

Staying warm: Take layers, so it's easy get warmer or cooler. If you need to look presentable when you arrive, pick dark clothing as it doesn't show creases or stains so freely.Staying entertained: Most flights now have on-board entertainment.

Even so, there's still often time to kill. Why not save a good book for your journey? The time will fly by [pardon the pun].In contact?: If you're travelling with your mobile, but won't be able to pick up reception where you're going, leave a number on your voicemail where callers can contact a family member or friend in an emergency. When you're abroad, it's advisable to ring home regularly. If your mobile doesn't work (or it's way too expensive to call), carry a pre-paid international phone card.


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By: Haydn Wrath


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