Chiang Mai
At a glance

Getting there

Chiang Mai's airport takes regular traffic from Thailand's major cities (including seven daily flights from Bangkok), as well as from other regional centres.

Buses also ply the route between Bangkok and Chiang Mai several times a day. The trip takes between 10 and 12 hours, depending on the money you pay. Trains also connect Chiang Mai to her southern capital.

Getting Around

Chiang Mai has only one city bus line of limited use, so most residents get about in săwngthăew (pick-up truck taxis) or on bicycle or motorcycle.

The best way to get around is bicycle. They are cheap to hire, environmentally conscious, give the lungs a workout and can be rented conveniently from many guesthouses and along the east moat. There are also hordes of săwngthăew, túk túks (three-wheeled motorised taxis) and săamláw (three-wheeled pedicabs) which are cheap enough but contribute to unnecessary traffic congestion and pollution.



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